“If yu waa good, yu nose affi run”

Translation: Success requires hard work


Ananse Arts is an Arts and Production company providing two major services:

Video Services

We provide video services for the public in the form of video advertising, music video production, work and training videos as well as a wide variety of event filming, bespoke training workshops and editing services.

In House Productions

We produce our own Theatre, Film and Television content. Our focus is to provide content which genuinely represents, speaks on behalf of and tells the story of those within the Black community. This voice and representation for the black community in media is currently lacking, in comparison to the amount the Black community has given to media, whether is it through music, sports, science, culture and so much more.

Our content is specifically designed to promote, develop and provide a sense of identity and expression within the UK and beyond. We are a company that is created, led and managed by black people; we are able to successfully tell our own stories, without the use of dangerous stereotypes or sensationalism. By telling our own story we are able to craft our image to reflect the diversity and provide awareness as to the issues within and around the black community.