“Miracles happen all the time We're here,aren't we?.”
Marilyn Nelson

Translation: This is a reminder that we should conduct business in a straight forward manner.
It also means that you should deliver what you promise and not waste time talking about it.


Whether you want to enhance your profile, build loyalty or disseminate ideas, our skill fully produced videos will greatly enhance the impact of your event. We ensure your videos are an asset to your organisation and have your event filmed by a professional camera crew. Our experienced and highly endorsed team of event videographers provide a hassle-free video production service leaving you wondering why you didn’t film with Ananse Arts your events more often. Whether we’re filming a small event or meeting with one camera operator or it’s a large event with more than 1000 people and multiple camera operators, we bring nothing less than the high production values to our event filming. We understand the need to deliver your video to you quickly and within your budget. Our in-house editing team will then add graphics or cuts you want to make to complete your video. Our in-house producer can help you choose the best event filming package to choose in order to capture everything at your event if you’re unsure which package would best suit your needs. We understand just how important your event is to you and your organisation, which is why our event crew will provide a calm and quiet service, allowing you to be as involved as little or as much as you want.


Our 2-5 minute promotional videos are ideal for promoting both your next event. Our experienced event crew and in-house editors will work with you to provide you with a result that matches the look and feel of your organisation and your event. For more information about our event filming, don’t hesitate to drop us a message or call +44 (0)7577 786 494.