Production company specialising in African and Afro- Caribbean Theatre, Film and Television Services


Ananse Arts is a new Afro-Caribbean Theatre, Film and Television production company. We create content for the Black community, whilst using our creativity to tell our stories and to explore and pay homage to our history. We create the positive characters, we write the stories, scripts and we own the work. Ananse Arts seeks to be a major media organisation that employs the best in Black talent. We hope to have a 95% African and Afro Caribbean employment rate by 2025, we also wish to create a variety of long term employment opportunities for school leavers and graduates through our future in-house apprenticeship schemes and training courses. Ananse Arts is actively investing in Black and Ethnic youth to develop their own creative abilities, so that our stories can continue to be told. Ananse Arts will explore the idea of identity, culture and heritage, including what it means to be Black in the UK. Ananse Arts fills the void created by the lack of authentic, positive and respectful Caribbean and ethnically diverse programming currently available in the UK. We produce content ranging from Comedy to documentary and we are always ready to move forward into new avenues of expression. We seek to be the voice that has previously been silenced and express ourselves without fear or limitation. We want to spark debate, start positive and worthwhile protest, nurture talent, inspire change and start conversation regarding current issues affecting the Black community, with the focus of positively changing the way the main stream media and other members of the public interact, view and understand the Black community.


Come and take a look at the world through our eyes and be a part of something special. Whether you wish to see what we have done, or you want to be a part of what we plan to do in the future, get a taste of what we can offer you, your company, your initiative and or your event. There was once a time when people of African descent were denied the ability to read and write; so it is vital to take advantage of what our ancestors could not have, do or express. Media does not consist of just one kind of culture/race and the community should be confident, appreciated and empowered in writing, producing, directing and controlling the media, the narrative and the characters as an effective way to fight for equality and empowerment. We are regularly adding to our media, so keep checking up for new work.