“Man nu dead, nu call dem duppy”

Translation: Don't underestimate people


“Learn to creep before you walk.” Translation: This suggests that you learn the basics before you try to do things that are more complexed. Take things one step at a time .”
Ananse Arts provides a variety of 1/2 day to 1 week workshops. The workshops are designed to enable the attendees to learn the fundamentals of TV Production, whilst challenging them to Write, Produce, Direct and Film their own videos. Ananse Arts provides workshops for youth and adults, our courses require larger amounts of concentration so we suggest that attendees be the age of 12+ in order to enjoy the benefits of our workshops. We are available to come to your location within London and for Our staff are going to walk you through a very well-defined step-by-step process that is going to teach you how to make perfect video, no matter the subject matter or the location. Working with your personal instructors, you’ll learn everything you need to know to produce professional quality video.


The News Gathering workshop will give attendees a fun insight into how to make a TV show, from operating a TV camera to working with the producer and director. The children have the option of taking turns as the “News Anchor” as well as a reporter that gets to interview fellow students, teachers and people in the local to crate footage to complete the program. Attendees will also learn all the techniques of TV presenting, reading autocue, working to timings and much more. Plus, you will receive a link via email of the final edit of your child’s presenting experience.


Our presenter workshop will give attendees the chance to learn about the collaborative and technical nature of presenting as well as how to become a creative and informative narrator. They will learn how to combine technical skills with visual communication and narrative storytelling, developing stories into scripts and then shooting. Students enrolled in our presenter workshop gain an understanding of the requirements and rigors of news gathering, as well as the pride and accomplishment of seeing a completed project.


The Music videos workshop offers a variety of unique creative possibilities. Participants in our music video workshops will work with our filmmakers in a challenging, creative and engaging environment to craft music. Participants work with close guidance from our facilitators to plan, shoot and edit their music videos. We shoot on location taking it in turns to direct, act, operate the camera and edit. The workshops are fun, fast-paced, and very practical. Music video workshops guide students through the process of creating original music videos from concept development to final screening. Taught by active professional music video makers and experts, students collectively learn how to conceptualize their project, collaborate with a musical artist or band, produce, shoot, direct, and edit their own music videos.


In the editing workshops we will take you through the basics of learning to edit your video, from how to tell a compelling story to how to edit it into a story you can share with friends or your clients. Using Final Cut X you will see how easy it is to edit even if you have never tried before. At the end of the day we guarantee that you will have completed a short video, all on your own, to take away with you, it’s that simple. We have all the equipment you will need. The workshop explores theoretical and technical approaches to editing. Students are provided footage to edit various projects over the course: a music video, trailer, short documentary, and a short narrative scene. At the end of the course students will have a completed demo reel, which will be a compilation of all of their work. Unleash your creative self and be amazed at how very simple this most important skill is.


Most TV and Film workshops are focussed towards working with pale, light and white skin tones for camera and many crews have very little - to no knowledge of how to properly light, stage and capture brown and dark skin tones to full effect. Ananse Arts creates workshops that is both culturally and physically relevant to those from the Afro-Caribbean and African communities that is relevant, engaging and extremely practical. Our workshops help teach students about the unique ways of understanding how to work with brown and black skin tones. By understanding the way that Black and brown skin tones absorb light differently and need to be lit and worked with, students can feel confident in creating content that showcases their skin tones to the fullest capacity.

• Students are enabled to learn the basics of the production process through hands on participation, presentations and close supervision.
• Students will have the opportunity to take on every job role within the production process and students can choose to “specialise” in their favourite department.
• Workshops are designed to allow students to gain a basic understanding of the different roles involved in the production process and what is required in order to write, shoot and edit a piece of footage for broadcast.
• We off collaborative and fun workshops led by a team of experienced TV and film professionals.
• Learn how to write and direct - how to generate stories and how to communicate with actors.
• Learn how to shoot Explore the fundamentals of cinematography & sound: digital formats and so much more.
• Leave with the skills to shoot and make your own films with the equipment at your disposal, from mobile phones to apps and computer software. • DVD of work produced.
• For our 1 week classes, students can Invite friends and family to celebratory film screenings.